Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair DIY Guide

Published: 08th March 2011
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The other day I took on a crazy project of creating my own Mesh Ergonomic Office chair and then comparing it to one made by the pros that I bought online for a fortune. I decided to embark on this wild and zany adventure for two very unique reasons:

First, we are all dying; yes I mean that in the sense of the Sylvain Plath sense of the worth. If you sit down and think about it you spend more than one quarter of your life sleeping, you spend another 2 percent eating and 2 percent using the bathroom. The average human then spends about 50 percent of his or her life working and if you are like most Americans then that means you spend this time either in or around an office chair of some sort. If you are going to spend that much of your entire life in an office chair then you might as well be wise about what is the best chair that you can be seating in that will actually prolong your life by improving your posture. So that sums up my first reason for trying to create my own mesh chair.

Secondly, I realized that spending one thousand dollars on a chair was insane, literally. Yes this chair can make your life better, can improve your circulation and prevent neck cramps. Yes the chair has the ability to remove that huge S curve in your spine that looks like you recently auditioned for the hunch back of Notre dame movie. With all that being said, is it really worth busting your hump and working three extra jobs just to afford that chair? My chiropractor and all my physicians said yes but I secretly wonder if they are being paid off or get some sort of commission for pushing me in that direction. Regardless of if they are or aren't isn't the point, the point is that I really wanted to push my self to my own limits and see if creating this ergonomic chair was a possibly for the normal person with a dremel and a little bit of elbow grease.

The hardest part of the project was finding all the materials to begin making my chair. You see when Herman miller makes an Aeron Chair; they have an assembly line that automatically creates all the main parts like the casting for the frame and what not. I had none of these materials so I improvised with what I did have, wood. I live next to a lumbar yard so it isn't hard for me to sneak over the fences during the night hours and snag a few pieces of oaky goodness. After grabbing all the wood that I needed for the frame I decided to rip up some old stuffed animals for the filling for my seat. For the seat itself I used an old t shirt that my ex girlfriend brought me back from Bolivia. For the mesh back I used a mesh casting net that fishermen use to catch minnows and anything else they can use for bait. So I had all my materials and I was ready to start, I went on line and googled the schematics for the chair itself. Then I woke up. Yes it was all a dream and the only true way to get a good ergonomic chair is to buy one from the internet.

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